Monday, March 9, 2009

On your mark, get set, go!

We usually participate in The Home Depot kid's work project every month. They post on their website the project for the given month ahead of time so you will know what you will be making. I generally check before we go. This month it was a racetrack. I really thought it was pretty lame and the kids would not like it. I was wrong. What do I know?

Claxton hard at work...

Julia, wise beyond her years, suggested they read the instructions first

Claxton is ready for the races. Notice the sweet little hands with dimples going after the glue, haven't quite figured out who they belong to but they sure are cute. The Starbucks cup without question is mine.

Julia's turn...

This project actually turned into a progressive project. Once we returned home we realized there might just be a problem with the race tracks looking identical. So we had a painting party.

Ready to race

Julia ran to get her harmonica to play us all a tune before the race began. And surprisingly, Claxton waited patiently during her performance.

She confidently says "I win, I win Claxton!!!" Check out his facial expression, I foresee fierce competition in the days and years to come.

Final check before the race

It's too close to call!

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