Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting into the Olympics

We are just not big sports fans around our house. However, I've always enjoyed watching the Olympics and we're all getting into it this year. Our mantel is adorned with an Olympic flag (well, sort of, it was the kid's project at Home Depot this month). So to get into the spirit it sits on the mantel where we all can see it everyday for the next couple of weeks. Every morning Claxton is sure to remind us that the Olympic rings are on his flag. We've talked about China and where it is. We've even had our first map lesson. Brian and I are enjoying following Micheal Phelps (kind of hard not to though) and cheering him on. Claxton really likes the swimming competitions too but is also really getting into gymnastics and diving. We've been allowing him to stay up past normal bedtime to watch. This started last Friday night with the opening ceremonies. Claxton's favorite part was all of the fireworks and lighting of the torch. And that's exactly what he thought the Olympics was all about - fireworks and lighting the torch. On Saturday when we started watching the actual sports events he didn't understand and kept telling us that he wanted to watch the Olympics. After going back and forth several times we came to understand that he wanted to see the fireworks again. We had to explain the whole sports events to him and now every morning when he gets up he says "Mom, can we watch China today?" We are working on getting him to say Olympics instead of China. But that's cute and we have a good chuckle with it every morning. None the less, we are having a fun time. I'm sure there will be a sad little boy when they end in a couple of weeks. We should have ordered Chinese food for the opening ceremonies, but hadn't really put that much thought into at that time. So maybe we'll do that for the closing ceremonies.

He watched just as long as he could...