Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's activities

I'm just not the craftiest person around, but kids love crafts so I have to talk myself into more often than I really would like to do. Hopefully my kids will really, really appreciate it one day. So last week we did a couple of activities leading up to Valentine's. One day we got out all the red, white, and pink paints that we could find in our house along with a few marbles, a cardboard box and a large white heart. Boy the fun that can be had with just those few items!

On another day we made bookmarks...

The most fun was had making the special Valentine's dessert...every one was in on this one.

Of course everyone knows you can't make cake without tasting the batter

We had several events for the day. Claxton and I attended a birthday party in the morning, while Daddy and Julia enjoyed a lunch date together.

Ready for her date with Dad

I am told she insisted on riding the frog.

Daddy made dinner

Just a nice, quiet dinner at home with the family.

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