Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sleep over

Claxton had another play date/sleep over with his buddy Bentley. The two of them crack me up when they get together and even though sometimes it's several months in between visits, they just pick up where they left off with each other. They play really well together. Unfortunately the weather was less than cooperative so we ended up being indoors the whole time and at times it was VERY LOUD in the house. It didn't seem to bother anyone but me. This morning I fed them all breakfast and while they were eating I decided to make myself a smoothie. Would you believe they had the audacity to ask me to turn off the blender because it was too loud, it was hurting their ears. Seriously???? Apparently it was so unbearable that they had to cover their ears. It has never taken me as long to make a smoothie as it did this one....!!!!! Yummmmmmy, it was good.

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